Good day, today I am reminded of a grateful heart and how powerful this is, the great discovery for me is EVERYBODY can have a grateful heart by choice, As I pick up my coffee mug and sip on it the flavor does something to my soul lol. I began to think of days without my cup of coffee there were major differences in my grateful posture……… I reminisce on many of days when my little became much through my grateful posture which I try to put on daily. Some days I struggle to armor up because it seems to not fit in the moment. We know we have the power and ability to shift in and out of our attire physically and emotionally & as beautiful GRATEFUL looks feels it can be heavy some days to carry based on where our emotions were developed from on that day.  

But we have HOPE and TRUST that there is a higher power who is more than capable to help us in these little moments and that is the wonderful thing that we don’t have to carry it all by ourselves. 
So today I am grateful for my cup of coffee lol, what are you grateful for at this moment? I know its too many to count and that’s ok because I can relate. One of the best texts I get in the morning is a TEXT from my son he will text, GM ma, GM beautiful, Morning and all these little words make my day so much greater it’s the ability one uses to let you know or remind you someone thought of you today.  
Remember someone today I know you have an abundance of little words or little acts of kindness that will make someone’s day wonderful or at least BETTER .  

Yes I woke up with a grateful heart and I thank God HE reminds us daily how blessed we are. I have been home since Saturday, March 21st 2020 because of the pandemic and I have experience so much more in these months than I can recall in last few years. Even with the challenges we face daily we see the HAND of GOD in so many things if not all of it, even the uncertainties and the day by day living. I have had the ability to spend quality TIME with ME, today I am a better listener, I plan and execute more effectively and I have discovered how to listen so I may hear better which allows me to HEAR beyond my own voice.

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